The mini plants trendsetters in decoration

Mini PlantasThe trend in decorating with plants are small sizes, either by how easy removal or because they adapt to almost any space or environment. Especially succulents, which are plants that store water in stems, leaves or roots in large quantities

Which makes it ideal for decorating your home or office option. According to Feng Shui plants are symbols of life, abundance and growth, which connects you with nature, even their care and maintenance you relax and release stress, so they themselves are healthy and beneficial for your well-being.

In the office: In small pots formats are ideal to liven up your desktop space is enhanced especially if you have windows in your office will give plants having that contact with nature and abroad.

Ideally, choose succulents are very resistant and special to be in shadow. A marked trend in decorating is to create these mini mini gardens and plants are ideal for this, you can get a regular size pot and plant several succulent together, even add small decorative elements.

At home: At home you must decide the space you occupy your mini plants, decor or type of succulent that you want to use, will depend on whether the situaras on a site much light or if instead be inside.

Another important point is to have in mind what you want to convey through decoration and which will represent the space or room in your home. Some of the usual places to place usually the windowsills, in a deserted corner centerpieces. The important thing is to follow a scale with where they are, without constituting an obstacle to free movement or visual.

The pot: When taking into account a plant for your decor is also important to think about the pot that contains it, this will help create a harmony between space and vegetation. The materials commonly used are ceramic; pots wood for a rustic room; or materials such as glass, concrete, or purist designs to more modern styles.

One option at this time are colorful and hand-painted pots, especially to light a sober place or desk.

Source: EME