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10 Fun Facts surprisingly real

10 Fun Facts surprisingly realThese data are not well known but very surprising. Take a look at this list and you'll be admired:

1) The number of chromosomes that humans possess (23 pairs) are nothing compared to that of a potato, which like gorillas possess 48 pairs. And they become insignificant if we consider that a species of fern is 630.

2) Although our brain can perceive 11 million bits of information every second, we are only aware of 40 of them.

3) Did you know that human saliva contains opiorphine, 6 times stronger than morphine analgesic?

4) Red blood cells travel throughout the blood circuit in 20 seconds.

5) The snakes and some insects are very obvious to moult, but man does too though more discreet way nothing more and nothing less than 900 times on average.

6) A lightning has enough to make 100,000 energy toast once.

7) Cumulus clouds are giant and heavy, as heavy as eight elephants together.

8) The volcanic lava flows as fast as the fastest of the greyhounds.

9) Believe it or not, the gonorrhea bacteria is the strongest in the world, is able to pull 100,000 times the weight of his body.

10) If anyone could cross the Earth come across in just 42 minutes and 12 seconds.

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Handwrite stimulates your memory

Escribir A ManoWith so much technology we do not usually write by hand and we think we could survive without it, but the handwriting can help you think better

Studies have found that the handwriting is a good exercise for the brain because it increases the visual, motor and cognitive abilities. This activity goes to work to neurons and not let die.

Researchers at the University of Washington say the take paper, pen and handwrite facilitates learning and retain information better, longer and more easily.

Advantages of handwriting:

Learning: In writing we focus on the word that we are scoring, so a part of the brain called the reticular activating system is activated. This system acts as a filter for what the brain needs to process, giving more importance to things in which we are actively focusing.

Avoid distractions: Technology encourages doing different activities at once and often without paying sufficient attention to each. When writing by hand you need to focus on what you're writing and thinking quietly each of the words, so it is almost impossible to do so many things at once. There are many active functions (think of what we write, hold the instrument, display, writing) to be aware of many others.

Active brain: Taking notes by hand involves your motor skills, memory, it is also a good mental exercise. This practice helps boost intelligence.

If you stop handwrite can lose the ability legible handwriting, children take longer to learn to read and adults lose the ability to read run. That is why it is recommended handwrite and practice writing from time to time, thus keep your brain agile and not lose the skills already acquired.


Source: EME

Greenland ice melt off to record early start

Greenland Ice MeltGreenland's massive ice sheet has started its annual summer melt earlier than ever before, according to stunned scientists who said they had to recheck their calculations before releasing the results.

Nearly 12% of Greenland's nearly 656,000 square miles of ice saw some melting this week, the earliest date on record for the start of the summer melt season, according to scientists with the Danish Meteorological Institute.

The previous earliest dates were all weeks later, in May, according to Denmark's polar research site, Polar Portal.

"We had to check that our models were still working properly," DMI climate scientist Peter Langen said.

To be clear -- the agency isn't saying 12% of the world's second-largest ice sheet melted away this week. Rather, researchers are saying that percentage of the ice melted just a bit, a millimeter or so, in most of the area.

But while the total amount of ice lost isn't huge in terms of total volume, such early melting sets up a feedback mechanism that contributes to further melting, said CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller

"The melting and refreezing processes release additional heat and that can penetrate into the ice," Miller said.

It's possible that the ice sheet could be in for another big meltoff like in 2012, when some 95% of the sheet saw some melting.

Greenland's ice sheet -- roughly the size of Alaska -- is important because it's the second-biggest potential ice-melt contributor to sea-level rise, only behind Antarctica's ice sheet.

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