Win muscle in a healthy way!

Masa MuscularWhat we need to increase our muscle mass during exercise is to consume protein. So, we bring you a list of foods that will help you have more muscles you want:

Eggs. It is the richest source of quality protein and contains vitamins. You can include them in your breakfast and smoothies.

Chicken. The chicken breast provides 30 grams of protein per 100 consumed. Do not hesitate to include it in your lunch and dinner.

Red meat. It is full of protein. When you get bored eating chicken can vary slightly your dishes with some lean cuts.

Tuna. For any diet it is vital to eat the meat of this fish. It contains many proteins that the body metabolizes effectively.

Milk and low-fat cheeses. They contain little fat and provide the body with essential nutrients for muscle growth.

Nuts. Nuts, sunflower seeds and almonds are healthy fats, fiber and protein. Ideal for your snacks a day.

Spinach. If you remember the cartoon Popeye, you will understand why they are good. They also help increase strength and muscle tone.

Remember that your diet should be balanced, so supplements this list with fruits and vegetables. Also stay hydrated. And performs exercises focused on increasing muscle mass.