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Discover the uses of the avocado seed

Aguacate SemillaThe avocado is a versatile fruit used in various foods, it contains great nutritional qualities

The avocado seed get to throw, because most people are unaware that has great compounds that are beneficial to our health. Today we bring several reasons for that most never throw it away:

• 70% of the amino acids containing avocado are in the seed, its oil reduces cholesterol levels also help fight cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.

• Several studies confirmed that the seeds of avocado contains a lot of fiber, compared to any other food. The intake of this help stomach problems and constipation keeps away.

• Helps control inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, in several places this seed is used as a remedy for infections and stomach problems.

• The seeds of avocado has phenolic compound, they can get to stop viral and bacterial infections, and that strengthen the immune system.

• Have flavonol, which helps prevent the growth of tumors.

• Over half of the antioxidants found in avocado seed, this compound is very important to delay premature aging. Likewise it can give a rejuvenating effect, and stimulates collagen production in the skin.

• Anti-inflammatory properties, which help people suffering from arthritis and other diseases.

• Apply a little of this seed in the hair and helps to stay much healthier brilliant. Several studies confirm that it is also very effective against dandruff, nits and lice.

• Researchers say the avocado seed reduces blood glucose, have very high levels of sugar reaches disrupting the metabolism and slows weight loss.

How do you consume?

To make the most of its medicinal properties has to take off the layer of brown skin, then you can grate of thick or thinner side. You can also toast it and keep it in a glass jar, this way you can use it anytime.

If you will use for cooking, it must be grated, roasted or fresh. The you can include soups, juices, smoothies, tea, meat, stews and for dressing salads.

When you use for infusions should boil water with a little avocado seed.

Avocado seeds also serve to dry grains, pimples and boils, for this you need to create a mixture between a portion of roasted seeds and sprayed with hot water. Apply this paste on the skin for 5 to 10 minutes. You can repeat the procedure daily.

If you have muscle aches, you can crush the seeds then mix it with alcohol. Let stand for a week. This preparation works to relieve muscle and joint pains, so you can apply at the temples to eliminate migraines.

To remove dandruff, you have to scratch the seed and mix with a little castor oil, then let stand for a whole day. Past the place it on the scalp while applying gentle massage, cover with a towel and let stand for one hour.

Source: EME

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