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Is Your Cat Stressed Out?

Cats StressWhen a cat suffering from stress their behavior changes, you can begin to mark territory, hiding under furniture or excessive preening

It is important to determine why the feline stress, as this can damage your skin causing injuries. If your pet has any of these symptoms, you should go to the vet, because that anxiety can compromise their welfare.

For this reason we present the main factors why cats can become stressed.

Fear of another animal

Fights between cats is common and frequent, this usually occurs to mark territory invaded by another animal, which leads him to suffer from stress.

Arrival of another pet

Although cats do not show are very possessive, and when it reaches your home a new animal, especially when they are not used to them can cause much anxiety.

Changes or removals

"Cats are very sensitive to changes in their environment; any change can become a source of stress that harms their well-being, "says research conducted by the University of Ohio, United States. When remodeling the home, the cats suffer from stress because they feel they "lost" their territory.


One of the main symptoms of cats with stress or anxiety is to make their needs outside the litter box. "Fear or anxiety is one of the main causes of a cat urinates or defecates outside the litter box," explains veterinarian and animal behavior expert Rachel Casey.


Both cats and dogs suffer from anxiety and fear when they are repressed by their owner. These punishments are not solving the problem, since often the cats can develop problem behaviors.

"The cats do not respond well to punishment: instead of learning what not to do, retaliation usually get the cat out running, scared," says the Association Against Cruelty to Animals.

Source: EME


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